MASTER I: Somato-analysis

Course Outcomes

  • Define the difference between Somatic Injury, Somatic Image and Somatic Fixation
  • Somatic Injury
    • Determine the levels of Physical Intelligence (PQ) and anticipated treatment approaches for patients in each level°
  • Somatic Image
    • Define Center of Mass (COM), Center of Gravity (COG), and Center of Balance (COB)
    • Describe historical methods used to determine COM in a human body
    • Describe how to utilize observation to determine COM
    • Locate the 4 quadrants used to determine the position of COM
    • Discuss how neuromotor/postural control and COM are related
    • Define Chandra-Mody Theory of Static Posture; compensated or uncompensated
    • Define Chandra-Mody Theory of Dynamic Posture
    • Define the 15 Somatic Images that impact the position of COM
  • Somatic Fixation
    • Define Somatic Fixation and how this relates to PQ
    • Describe levels of severity of fixations throughout the body
    • Describe how fixations are related to the psyche

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