Ischemic Conditioning of the Elite Athlete

Course Outcomes


  • Define Reperfusion Injury (RI) and outline its cellular pathway (role of the mPTP)
  • Define Ischemic Conditioning (IC) and identify the variables that pertain to ICT by Stroma (Temporal, Treatment Location, Target Location, Level of Occlusion, Dosage)
  • Identify 3 mechanisms of Ischemic Conditioning
  • List ICT by Stroma features
  • Compare ICT by Stroma and current IC models
  • Identify who can use and when to apply ICT by Stroma
  • Discuss uses of IC for organ protection and sports enhancement
  • Define the Chaturanga or 4 Limb Approach
  • Perform ICT by Stroma™ using the TAPN framework safely and effectively for the four limbs
  • Locate vascular “activation points” for the four limbs
  • Apply appropriate vectors at activation sites in accordance with Tension at 90̊
  • Utilize Chandra-Mody pulses as an assessment tool to determine the effectiveness of their applied techniques
  • Provide a neurovascular stretch to the four limbs
  • Understand precautions and contraindications to performing the technique

This is a one day course that does not require any pre-requisites that runs from 8am-5pm 

*This course will certify a participant who has completed the course as an ICT Preconditioning Specialist (ICTpre)


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