SYSTEM II: Upper Extremity

Course Outcomes

  • Perform ICT by Stroma™ using the TAPN framework safely and effectively for all structures in the upper extremity
  • Locate vascular “activation points” for the upper extremity
  • Apply appropriate vectors at activation sites in accordance with Tension at 90°
  • Utilize Chandra-Mody pulses as an assessment tool to determine the effectiveness of their applied techniques
  • Provide a neurovascular stretch to each segment of the upper extremity
  • Understand precautions and contraindications using the SOO (Subjective, Observation, Objective) Method to determine when appropriate to perform the technique
  • Incorporate a schema for treating all soft tissue structures of the upper extremity
  • Enhance knowledge of basic anatomy with respect to origins and insertions, blood supply and nerve supply
  • Enhance knowledge of soft tissue palpation and fascial connectivity for the upper extremity

This course runs on Friday from 4pm – 8pm, Saturday 8pm – 5pm & Sunday 8pm – 5pm

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