Ischemic Conditioning Techniques
by Stroma

A new framework in physical therapy
ICT by Stroma™ is a vascular, neural and myofascial technique that harnesses the innate healing power of the body by using occlusion. 

About Ischemic Conditioning

As evidenced in medicine, tissues that have undergone Reperfusion Injury (RI) and free radical damage, as seen in heart attack and stroke, can repair quickly and more effectively if brief and transient bouts of occlusion are applied to the body prior to, during and after an insult has occurred. This has been termed ischemic conditioning.

About ICT by Stroma

ICT by Stroma has created a framework to apply ischemic conditioning to treat RI in the musculoskeletal system. This novel method provides a safe and clinically applicable method for practitioners to use in order to optimize healing and recovery of damaged tissue.

Learn ICT by Stroma

We will soon be offering an integrated program to learn and get certified in the framework. Please use the  form below to learn more about the program and be notified when we launch.

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